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" let the beauty of what you love be what you do " - Rumi

Hey there! 
I am Angela and I'm so happy that you've stopped in for a visit! 

I am the owner of Bella Lu Floral.  I realized my passion for designing flowers in 2010 when I was asked to create flowers for my very first couple.  From that very moment, this wonderful "job" started for me!  The words, "love for flowers", feels like such an understatement for how I really feel about them.  They bring happiness, fill my soul, ground me to this earth, and keep me in awe daily of what mother nature can make from one little seed.  

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"Passion is energy.  Feel the power that comes from what excites you." Oprah

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​​I was an art major, and believe now more than ever that flowers were destined to be my medium ... from the moment I stepped into that art building.

I love all of Mother Nature's seasons, but hold a special place for winter and will gladly admit my favorite days are the cold and snowy ones.

Oh my goodness... Greeting cards!  I love finding and sending the perfect cards and writing handwritten notes.

I've been known to have quite the conversations with the flowers in the studio... mainly Anemones... they have the sweetest faces!

Shopping in small towns and local shops + boutiques to find one-of-a-kind treasures is one of my favorite things...

 (especially if a good cup of coffee is included in the outing!)

Italy (and the art history there) stole my heart in college and living there one day (for at least a year) climbed to #1 on my bucket list!

If Tom Petty comes on the radio, you'll hear me singing for sure.​  He's my favorite.

I love to fly fish with my hubs (you may spy some photos in my Insta stories from time to time!). 

The big blue water of Lake Superior is where I feel most grounded. I'm a Minnesota girl, born and raised.  Dont'cha-know!

I believe in doing ALL things with intention, grace, purpose and integrity.

I'm a Wifey and a Momma.  Our 2 kiddos are the absolute world to us.  Such beautiful souls that God sent to us and I feel utterly blessed to be their Mom!

I've got a little tid-bit to share.... I'm a romantic.
Movies, books and real-life stories; I'm all in.  Generally, I'll need a tissue in hand, but I get so excited to hear or watch a story begin and then told.  Marriage is a gift, a hard-wonderful, soul-filling gift.  It is the wedding day that starts that adventure and it's my greatest honor to be a part of that.    

​We are a studio based florist and event designer specializing in weddings, events, special occasions and intimate dinners.   We create for all of Colorado; including; the front range, Summit County, Vail, Beaver Creek, Aspen, Steamboat Springs or to the destination of your dreams (cue Italian music here)!  

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