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Shannon Lee Miller Photography

Deron + Jennifer

My time with these 2 beautiful people was so much fun!  We connected about a year prior to their wedding and one of my favorite moments was when they said to me "we want to hire an artist and believe you are her!".  From that moment on, we worked to craft a beautiful and fine-art wedding.  We custom designed this beautiful ceremony, with a river-shaped aisle, moon shaped arbor and details of flowers accenting all parts of this space.

The reception was a favorite for the year as well, with a gorgeous, flower-filled kings table, greenery dripping from the ceiling and custom orbs with candlelight that were strung from overhead.  The dance space and surprise for the groom, might be a highlight in my floral career - his reaction to the space was beyond amazing!  No detail missed and so much love filled this beautiful space.  I adore these two and the amazing time we spent together!